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Magnus Clonekit XL

Magnus Clone kit XL is the perfect solution for growing your cuttings in one layer of four trays Mag..

159.00€ Ex Tax: 131.41€

Magnus Clonekit PRO 60cm

Magnus Clonekit PRO 60cmMagnus Clonekit PRO 60cm is the best solution for growing seedlings and..

189.00€ Ex Tax: 156.20€

Magnus Clone Kit PRO (2 pcs) | 120cm + Dimmer New

Magnus Clone Kit PRO (2 pcs) | 120cm + Dimmer

Magnus Clone Bar PRO XL is the best solution for various urban farming systems. The Magnus Clon..

309.00€ Ex Tax: 255.37€

Magnus Interlight

The Magnus Interlight is a side lamp for leafy tall plants. It gives bidirectional light positioned ..

225.00€ Ex Tax: 185.95€