Clone factory -5 layers


Clone factory -5 layers

Magnus has the ideal solution to increase and speed up production with the Magnus Light Factory. A factory is much less labor intensive and significantly reduces energy cost, because of the low power consumption of the LED's

An extra advantage is a valuable space reduction, thanks to it compact design.

With the magnus factory, many seedlings or clones can be produced in a limited working space. Light intensity and power are easy to control, giving growers the flexibility to speed up or slow down production. ​


Our Factory contains 5 layers, 2 LED lights per layer.

-    Lightbars:                           10x 120cm
-    Power consumption:         30 Watt per lightbar
-    PPFD                                   200
μmol (distance 100mm)
-    Footprint:                            L1200xW60xH25-H50
-    Light spectrum:                  RBW/RBS
-    Weight:                                1.62 kilogram per lightbar
-    Dimensions:                        W1200xH45mmx19mm
-    Warranty:                            2 years

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