Magnus TOP-1500

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Magnus TOP-1500

The Magnus TOP-1500 is our newest LED grow light for growers with a smaller growing space. Now growers who have a limited space to grow their favorite plants are able to achieve higher results. The ML-150+ is similar to a 400-watt HPS. Because the temperature in the use of an HPS lamp is very high, one could use up to a 250-watt HPS lamp, and even then, there arose problems with a too high temperature. With the Magnus Magnus TOP-1500, you don't have this problem. 

"PRO White" version

- The PRO white" version has more green and yellow colors than used by the plant. This makes a white visible light color what some growers prefer but results in a little less efficient spectrum. Because the plant will not use as much green and yellow for photosynthesis. Through our spectrum, we reach, in contrast to other lights, the correct leaf temperature of > 26 degrees. This is necessary for the majority of crops in order to fully absorb the nutrition supply and not stagnate its growth.

Parabolic Lens
The specially designed parabolic lens ensures that there is an optimal light distribution. There is a better distribution of light to the sides so you get the same result virtually anywhere. This lens also ensures that the light reaches much deeper so that the lower portions of the plants receive sufficient light, this lens also binds the colors so that the entire color spectrum is achieved. We, therefore, recommend placing the Magnus TOP-1500 LED lamp at least 40cm from the crop.

You use the Magnus TOP-1500 for both vegetative and flowering stages through our specially designed spectrum that meets all requirements. You can now create a complete culture from beginning to end in a small area. Better quality and higher yields as an HPS or MH lamp are possible on a comparable surface! 

The main features are:

-    Power consumption:        150 Watt
-    Number of LEDs:               1x 60 LEDs
-    PPFD:                                   585 μmol
-    Comparable with:              400 Watt HPS
-    Advised height:                   At least 40 cm above the canopy
-    Footprint:                            80x80 cm
-    Farred control:                   switch
-    Light spectrum                   RRBWF
-    Lifespan:                             +50.000 hours
-    Weight:                                4.9 kilogram
-    Dimensions:                       W:260mm x L170mm x H160mm
-    Warranty:                            3 years
-    Input voltage                      100-240V AC Power Input

3 years warranty
We use high-quality components so we can guarantee the highest quality. The lamp is made of aluminum which makes the lamp is very robust and heat can dissipate quickly, which is beneficial to the power of the LEDs. In the unlikely event a lamp still breaks down, we will provide a suitable solution. We give the consumer a 3-year warranty on all our COB LED grow lights.

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